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Ball Valve

Handle Lever Class 125 Cast Iron or Ductile Iron FF Flanged Ball Valve

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Jinhongda
Model Number:2" ~ 10"
Certification:ISO CE
Coating:Epoxy Coating or Paint Coating
Body material:Cast Iron or Ductile Iron
Minimum Order Quantity:1
Packaging Details:Packing Details:Export Standard Plywood Case transport Method: Seaway or Airway as per Customer's Request
Delivery Time:To be negotiated
Payment Terms:30% deposit and 70% balance
Supply Ability:10000 Piece/Pieces per Month Ball Valve

Ball valve, which is driven by the valve stem and rotates around the axis of the ball valve. It can also be used for fluid regulation and control. There is a strong shear force between the V-shaped ball core of the hard-sealed V-shaped ball valve and the metal valve seat of hard-welded carbide. It is especially suitable for the medium containing fiber and small solid particles. On the pipeline, the multi-pass ball valve can not only flexibly control the confluence, diversion and flow direction of the medium, but also close any channel to connect the other two channels. This type of valve shall generally be installed horizontally in the pipeline. The ball valve is divided into pneumatic ball valve, electric ball valve and manual ball valve according to the driving mode.

Product NameFlange End Stainless Steel Floating Ball Valve 
Size1"-6" (DN25-150)
PortFull Port
Working Pressure1.0-42Mpa
Connection EndsFlange
Working Temp-40ºC~300ºC
Suitable MediumWater, Steam, Oil and some corrosive liquid etc. 
Body pieceOne/Two/Three PC type







Since rubber, nylon and polytetrafluoroethylene are usually used as the seat sealing ring materials for ball valves, its service temperature is limited by the seat sealing ring materials. The cut-off function of ball valve is achieved by pressing the metal ball against the plastic valve seat under the action of medium (floating ball valve). Under the action of certain contact pressure, the valve seat sealing ring undergoes elastic-plastic deformation in local areas. This deformation can compensate the manufacturing accuracy and surface roughness of the ball and ensure the sealing performance of the ball valve.

Because the valve seat sealing ring of ball valve is usually made of plastic, the fire resistance and fire prevention of ball valve should be considered when selecting the structure and performance of ball valve, especially in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other departments, and in equipment and pipeline systems with flammable and explosive media, fire resistance and fire prevention should be paid more attention. Generally, ball valves are recommended for pipeline systems with two-position adjustment, strict sealing performance, mud, wear, necking channel, rapid opening and closing action (1/4 turn opening and closing), high pressure cut-off (high pressure difference), low noise, cavitation and gasification, small leakage to the atmosphere, small operating torque and small fluid resistance.

Ball valve is also applicable to the pipeline system with light structure, low pressure cut-off (low pressure difference) and corrosive medium. Ball valves can also be used in low-temperature (cryogenic) devices and pipeline systems. In the oxygen pipeline system of the metallurgical industry, ball valves with strict degreasing treatment need to be used. When the main pipeline in the oil and gas pipelines needs to be buried underground, the full-bore welded ball valve shall be used. When regulating performance is required, ball valve with special structure with V-shaped opening shall be selected. In petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, power and urban construction, metal-to-metal sealed ball valves can be selected for pipeline systems with operating temperature above 200 ℃.

Competitive Advantage

Construction features

1. Accord with GB standard, reasonable structure, reliable sealing, good performance and beautiful appearance.

2. Variety complete, packing and gasket materials reasonable matching, can according to customer's request to apply to all kinds of pressure, temperature and medium conditions, high pressure valve selects high quality alloy steel manufacturing, sealing surface using department too vertical (stellite) cobalt-based hard alloy, safe and reliable, stable performance and long service life.

3. The valve bonnet structure is reasonable, the wall thickness is strictly controlled and the test conforms to the national standard GB12234 and the American standard ANSI B16.34, the strength is high, the rigidity is good, the flow resistance is small.

4. Using wedge-type elastic gate structure, it is made of whole cast, with fine design and good sealing performance.

5. The stem is made of heat-resistant alloy steel with good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.

6. Gate valves shall be fully resealed, which may be repaired or modified in unstopped working conditions.

7. The stem nut adopts the internal function structure, the ball bearing is set up with the connecting part of the bracket, the torque is small and the lifting is easy.

8. According to the requirements of users or engineering, the connection form should be reasonably selected, and various operation modes can meet different usage requirements.

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