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Brass Plastic Volumetric Water Meter

Brass Plastic Volumetric Water Meter

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Brass body rotary piston volumetric type cold water meter lxh-15a


Brass Body Rotary Piston Volumetric Type Cold Water Meter LXH-15A Product features:

Minimum Order Quantity:1000pcs
Packaging Details:White box and carton
Delivery Time:15-30days after receiving deposit
Payment Terms:T/T , L C, West Union, etc.
Supply Ability:20000pcs/month

Quick Detail:

1.Type name: Volumetric piston water meter

2.Model No.: LXH-15A

3.Standard :ISO 4064 Class C

4.Material: Brass

5.Feature :Register is sealed with a special liquid

6.Vertical or horizontal installation in long-term service

Product features:

•Adopting volumetric rotary piston principle of measurement

•Accurate Measurement register separated from water to ensure a clear reading in long-term service

•Material: brass

•Selected high quality materials for steady & reliable characteristic and good looking

•Plastic meter body adopt the new-style nontoxic plastic material ,with cabinetdesign, this kind of water meter also available for drinking water ,cause of drain hole is a uniquely design to drain off the dirty water .

Installation requirements:

1. Meter should be installed in vertical or horizontal position with the register face upwards

2. Pipe line must be flushed before installation

3. The meter should be constantly full of water during operation

Main Technical data

Meter Size DN (mm)ClassQs Overload FlowQp Nominal FlowQt transitional FlowQmin Min FlowStarting FlowMin ReadingMax Reading

Maximum permissible error:

In the lower zone from Qmin inclusive up to but excluding Qt is ±5%

In the upper zone from Qt inclusive up to and including Qs is ±2%

Working Condition:

Water temperature:0C≤t≤50C (For cold water meter)

Water pressure: ≤10bar

TypesizeLL1BConnection thread

This range of water meter is used to measure the total quantity of cold potable water which consumed in household or a resident unit, passing through the pipeline

Competitive Advantage

Reasonable price with good quality

Long time guarantee

100% tested

On time delivery

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