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Brass Plastic Volumetric Water Meter

Brass Plastic Volumetric Water Meter

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Iso 4064 brass body 15mm domestic volumetric rotary piston type liquid sealed blue cold water meter


Working Conditions

Water temperature<50ºC (Hot water meter<90°C)

Water pressure <1MPa(PN: 1.6Pa/16bar)

<0.1 MPa



From minimum flow-rate (Qmin) inclusive, to transitional flow-rate (Qt) Exclusive +-5%

From transitional flow-rate (Qt) Inclusive,to overload flow rate (Qs) Exclusive +- 2%



Installation requirements: Meter should be installed in horizontal position with the register face upwards Pipe line must be flushed before installation The meter should be constantly full of water during operation


1. Volumetric meter.on principle of rotary piston, according to Grade C of IS004064 standard(R=160)

2. High sensitivity,can count to the minimum flow rate of 2L/h.

3. The meter can be installed in any position,horizontally,vertically,or inclined pipelines,maintaining optimunm performance with no loss of accuracy.

4.The numerical wheel of register/conter special liquid sealed,ensures a long term clear reading.

5. Moving parts apply optimum materials.and ensure astable performance.

6. Spray plastics of casing,beautiful and durable.

7. The body for option:Brass,plastic(Nylon)body of Ceramal Aluminium Alloy complex material


1. Type name: Volumetric Piston Type

2. Size.: DN15 to 20mm( 1/2" -3/4"), Available for cold water(40°C)

3. Standard :ISO 4064, Class C standard

4. Material: Brass

5. Easy for interchange & maintenance

6. Horizontal installation

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