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6 Inch Universal Flexible Joint Pipe Coupling for DI CI PE PVC HDPE Pipe

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Jinhongda
Certification:ISO CE
Material:Ductile Iron, Ductile Iron GGG450-10 per EN1563
Bolts and Nuts:Gd8.8 / Stainless Steel / Dacromet Bolt
Sealing Gasket:EPDM/NBR
Minimum Order Quantity:1
Packaging Details:Plywood Case
Delivery Time:To be negotiated
Payment Terms:transfer and letter of credit
Supply Ability:1000 Ton/Tons per Month

● Wide Range Universal Coupling

● Wide Range Universal Coupling is used to connect pipes of various materials and it's widely applied in the water and sewage industry

S/NSizeO.D RangePressure
1DN40 mm48-60 mmPN16 bar
2DN50 mm59-73 mmPN16 bar
3DN65 mm72-85 mmPN16 bar
4DN80 mm88-103 mmPN16 bar
5DN100 mm96-116 mmPN16 bar
6DN100 mm108-120 mmPN16 bar
7DN100 mm109-128 mmPN16 bar
8DN125 mm132-146 mmPN16 bar
9DN125 mm138-153 mmPN16 bar
10DN150 mm158-172 mmPN16 bar
11DN150 mm159-182 mmPN16 bar
12DN175 mm192-210 mmPN16 bar
13DN200 mm198-225 mmPN16 bar
14DN200 mm218-235 mmPN16 bar
15DN250 mm242-262 mmPN16 bar
16DN250 mm250-267 mmPN16 bar
17DN250 mm250-274 mmPN16 bar
18DN250 mm272-289 mmPN16 bar
19DN300 mm315-332 mmPN16 bar
20DN300 mm322-339 mmPN16 bar
21DN350 mm340-360 mmPN16 bar
22DN350 mm351-378 mmPN16 bar
23DN350 mm374-391 mmPN16 bar
24DN400 mm390-410 mmPN16 bar
25DN400 mm398-430 mmPN16 bar
26DN400 mm417-437 mmPN16 bar
27DN400 mm425-442 mmPN16 bar
28DN450 mm450-463 mmPN16 bar
29DN450 mm455-475 mmPN16 bar
30DN450 mm476-500 mmPN16 bar
31DN500 mm500-508 mmPN16 bar
32DN500 mm500-533 mmPN16 bar
33DN500 mm526-546 mmPN16 bar
34DN600 mm600-630 mmPN16 bar
35DN600 mm608-636 mmPN16 bar
36DN600 mm630-650 mmPN16 bar
37DN700 mm710-739 mmPN16 bar
38DN800 mm816-842 mmPN16 bar


Competitive Advantage

Features and more information about the grooved rigid couplings:

Smooth surface, high density, High strength, light weight, reasonable design in structure, widely used for high buildings and environmental protecting systems, corrosion-resistant coating for each piece of the fittings.

Standard: Be conformed to DIN/EN877/ISO6594.

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