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Horizontal Spiral Wing Liquid Sealed Water Meter

Horizontal Spiral Wing Liquid Sealed Water Meter

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Horizontal spiral wing vane wheel liquid sealed water meter


Product: LXS rotor-type wet water meter

Model no. : lxxsr-15c ~ 50C lxsr-15c ~ 50C lxxsr-15e ~ 50E lxsr-15e ~ 50E

Product description: the counter has C type, E type, dry type and liquid seal for different customers to choose

The series of water meters require vertical installation, can be used as a sub-meter, easy installation

Choose high quality material, stable and reliable performance, beautiful appearance

Note: the technical parameters of this series of water meters conform to the international standard ISO4064

Hot water meter, copper shell, iron shell for customers to choose

Service conditions: water temperature: the cold water meter is not higher than 40℃ (the hot water meter is not higher than 90℃) and not less than 0℃

Pressure: not more than 1MPa

Maximum permissible error

From the minimum flow rate (qmin) to the low range (±5%) without the partition flow rate (qt)

From high range ±2%(thermal water meter ±3%) including boundary flow (qt) to overload flow (qs)

Special Features

Name:cast iron water meter cover
CertificateISO4064 ISO9001:2008
warranty 1 year
Water temperature≤30℃
Working pressure≤1MPa
Normal Size80mm~200mm


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