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Anti-pull-off device function of rubber joint

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Rubber joints are widely used in the process of pipeline connection and have very strong adaptability to a variety of conveying media. 

Most rubber joints in use nowadays have flanges at both ends to connect with the pipeline. 

Since the raw materials are all rubber raw materials, once the pipeline has a large displacement or change,  the rubber joint is likely to be pulled In this situation, it may directly damage the rubber joint. In this situation,  how to prevent the rubber joint from being stretched?

Now, in view of this situation, there are two more useful methods: 

one is to use cement or some other reinforcements to strengthen the joints of the pipeline and the rubber joint to prevent the phenomenon of movement at the joints of the pipeline. 

The method is relatively complicated, and it is very unfavorable for the later maintenance of rubber joints. 

Therefore, many people will not choose this method. 

Another method is to directly reinforce the rubber joints to produce a stretch-proof rubber joint that is easy to use. 

The so-called reinforcement on the rubber joint is to include a screw limit on the flange. Generally, 3-4 bolts are added in a week of the rubber joint. 

The length of the bolt is adjusted to adjust the extended length of the rubber joint. 

When it is displaced, it can prevent the rubber joint from pulling off.


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