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PTFE Lined Metal Expansion Joint

Steam expansion compensator ss 316l stainless steel ptfe lined compens flexible metal bellow expans joint with flange 8 x 5 inch

Place of Origin:Henan, China
Manufacturer:Yes, factory add: Gongyi City,China
Model Number:DN32-DN3000
Customized support:OEM, ODM
PortQingdao port, Tianjin port or negotiable
Packaging Details:Wooden Carton
Delivery Time:According to order quantity
Payment Terms:transfer or letter of credit
Supply Ability:8000 Set/Sets per Month

The PTFE bellows compensator adopts new technology. The developed PTFE bellows compensator has the characteristics of vibration reduction, high temperature resistance, flexibility and friction resistance. It is commonly used in chemical plants. The PTFE bellows compensator is applicable to the connection of pipe misalignment, displacement, size change and vibration parts. It can be used as the feed and discharge pipe of storage tank, tank car and other equipment, and can also be used for other special purposes. The PTFE bellows compensator has a wide range of applications and comprehensive functions. Tetrafluoroethylene bellows compensator has excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance. It is one of the best corrosion resistant materials in the world today. Except molten metal sodium and liquid fluorine, it can withstand all other chemicals and does not change when boiled in aqua regia. It is widely used in various kinds of materials that need to be resistant to acid, alkali and organic solvents. Tightness, high lubrication, non stickiness, electrical insulation, good anti-aging resistance, excellent temperature resistance (can work at a temperature of+250 ℃ to - 180 ℃ for a long time). PTFE bellows compensator is suitable for pipe connection of various media.






The PTFE expansion bellows is a layer of PTFE material added to the inside of the ordinary bellows to protect the internal corrugated structure and prevent corrosion damage to the bellows through the medium.

1,High pressure resistance

2,High temperature resistance

3,Acid and alkali resistance

4,Oil resistance

5,Wear resistance

6,Corrosion res

Structure of PTFE lined bellows

1,Common bellows are usually composed of bellows, flanges and tie rods.

2,The material of bellows is SS 304 / 316L, and the flange and tie rods material are usually Q235 or SS 304 / SS 316L.


Competitive Advantage

Our company uses the most advanced automation equipment in the production of rubber joints, and has many years of production experience. Strictly control the raw materials and production process in the production process to ensure the quality of products. The products are exported to Spain, Russia, Pakistan, Egypt, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries.

Why choose PTFE lined?

1,Protect the corrugation from being damaged by the medium with high corrosion concentration.

2,The medium conveyed by PTFE bellows is strong acid, strong alkali, high salt and alkali.


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