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Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joint

Support oem odm manual wound flange rubber joint manufacturer ANSI DIN BS

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Jinhongda
Model Number:DN25-DN3000
Certification:ISO & CE
Minimum Order Quantity:1
Packaging Details:The inner package is carton and the outer package is wooden case
Delivery Time:Depends on the specific quantity
Payment Terms:transfers and letters of credit
Supply Ability:5000 units a month

1,rubber joint,flange rubber joint,rubber expansion joint,single ball rubber joint

2,Used for shock absorption at pipe joints


Rubber material:NR/NBR/EPDM

flange material:carbon steel/cast steel/ss304

Flange standard:ANSI/JIS10K/150LB/DIN

The winding type rubber flexible joint is made by hand. The water cloth is coiled with pressure-filled vulcanized rubber, and the mold shell vulcanized rubber is not used. The specifications of the finished product can be made according to the customer's conditions. The winding flexible rubber flexible joint has the same effect as the compression flexible rubber flexible joint. It is also used to transport liquid, vapor, solid and other raw materials. It can compensate for offset and reduce vibration and noise. It is a novel vulcanized rubber damping product. The key reason for the winding flexible rubber joint is that it is not standard, and it is very expensive to make or change the mold shell again. According to the manufacturing conditions, the arrangement of the parting piece, nozzle type and coiling stroke of the coiling machine and equipment shall be specified. Before coiling the stainless steel wire for rubber soft connection, install the stainless steel wire through the wire ring and support force according to the outgoing direction of the group, and then bind it tightly to the lead pipe on the pay-off machine with tape according to the coiling direction, start the winding packaging machine to make the lead pipe move slowly, and adjust the speed of the traction belt according to the speed regulation motor to make the coiling travel arrangement meet the conditions. Spiral wound rubber flexible joint has very good corrosion resistance characteristics and can be very well applied in flue gas desulfurization pipeline.





1,for special order,products can be made according to customer’s requirement,flange standard is based on GB/T9119-2000(Optional ANSI,DIN,BSEN,NF,EN,JIS,SO etc).the balls can be made for NR,EPDM,CR,ZZR,NBR,FKM.

2,The product is available for overhead water-supplying.the pipe must equipped with fixed supper or fixed bracket,if not,the produce shall be installed with Anti pull off device.


Service conditions of winding rubber joint

1. Spiral wound rubber flexible joint is a tubular rubber product composed of inner surface rubber, cloth curtain layer and steel wire ring, which is manually manufactured and formed by high-pressure vulcanized rubber and then combined with metal material flange plate or parallel face connector looper flange. The ball has various specifications and forms, which can be customized according to requirements, and is widely used in various pipeline system software. For example, the flexible rubber flexible joint ball adopts the overall vulcanized rubber method, and the flange plate and vulcanized rubber part are closely fused, so adjusting the limit switch support rod of the flexible rubber flexible joint can very well adjust the length of the flexible rubber joint, which is suitable for application in different natural environments.

2. The actual effect of pressure resistance is high because the winding flexible rubber flexible joint will not be affected by the mold core, and the frame layer is 2-4 groups more than the molded goods, so the pressure resistance working ability is high. In case of negative pressure working conditions, the negative pressure resistant stainless steel wire can be added in the production process or the wall can be made into a straight cylinder type to meet the application conditions.

3. It is a kind of vulcanized rubber shock-absorbing product used to transport liquid, vapor, solid and other raw materials, compensate for deviation, and reduce vibration and noise. At first, the distance between the long and short compression mold rubber flexible joints is very large. If it is too short or too long, the winding rubber flexible joints should be used;

4. The second is that the customers of the caliber connector sometimes require the inner hole sealing type. Because the rubber flexible joint of the buckle groove cannot be wound, the wound rubber flexible joint should be made at this time The latter situation is that the hole punching of the flange plate is too different from the specification, especially when the hole management distance is too large, it needs to be made by hand, because the general rubber flexible joint mold can not meet the manufacturing conditions.

Competitive Advantage

Our company uses the most advanced automation equipment in the production of rubber joints, and has many years of production experience. Strictly control the raw materials and production process in the production process to ensure the quality of products. The products are exported to Spain, Russia, Pakistan, Egypt, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries.

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