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304/ 316 Stainless Steel Flexible Braided Metal Weld Hose

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Jinhongda
Standard:ASTM, AiSi, DIN, EN, GB, JIS
Material:Stainless Steel
Shape:Stainless Steel Corrugated hose
Packaging Details:Cartons or wooden cases Stainless steel braided welded hose
Supply Ability:5000 Meter/Meters per Week Stainless steel braided welded hose

The welded corrugated compensator has the advantages of softness, fatigue resistance, high pressure resistance, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Its service life is much longer than that of other types of hoses (rubber hose, plastic hose). With the development of modern industry, corrugated metal hoses that are resistant to low temperature, high temperature, high pressure and corrosion are more and more widely used. 304 welded stainless steel corrugated compensator shall be selected for stainless steel corrugated compensator of different materials. Add 304 steel Ti to prevent grain boundary corrosion. Its applicable temperature is 430 ° C-900 ° C. The corrugated compensator has the advantages of compact structure, large compensation, small flow resistance, zero leakage and small maintenance. The axial, transverse and angular compensation of the 304 welded stainless steel corrugated compensator heat pipe network is effective and the thermal stress is small, and the bending and compression resistance can be obtained without considering the influence of sinking. It has the characteristics of large compensation and long service life. As measures are taken to isolate the expansion joint from the water, the directly buried corrugated expansion joint is completely buried, so that the corrugated expansion joint and the pipeline have the same service life.





There are two ways to install the expansion hardware pipe fitting joint of long-distance compensation pipe, including flange connection and welding. The flange connection is convenient and fast, and the welded installation pipe has better high pressure resistance. Welded bellows expansion joint, also known as welded bellows compensator, is a universal bellows. The product consists of a bellows, two end pipes and other components. It absorbs the axial displacement and angular displacement of the pipe through the flexible deformation of the bellows (also a small amount of horizontal displacement), and the end pipe is either directly welded to the pipe or welded to the flange, and then connected to the pipe flange. The small pull rod on the expansion joint is mainly used as a rigid support during transportation or as a pre-deformation adjustment of the product, rather than a bearing rod. Double-flange drive joint is composed of flange loose sleeve expansion joint, short pipe flange, drive screw and other components, which can reduce the pressure thrust (blind plate force) of the connector, and compensate the pipe installation error. Double-flange drive joint cannot absorb axial displacement. The structure of this expansion joint is very simple and the price is very low, so the possible places on the pipeline should be given priority.

Competitive Advantage

1) We accept customer's own designs and OEM design orders.

2) Range of path:DN4-800mm Working pressure: PNO.6-32Mpa

3) Temperature range: -196℃~600℃

4) Keeping in mind, variegated demands of our valuable customers, we are offering a wide range of Flexible Metal Hose.  Offered hose can be customized as per requirements of our valuable clients at vendors’ end. Very much renowned for its excellent features, our client can avail this array from us at pocket friendly prices.

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