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What is the "common knowledge" of rubber expansion joints?

May 25,2023

Due to the structural characteristics of the rubber expansion joint nut, can not accept radial load, otherwise the formation of rubber expansion joints bend, affecting the accuracy of transmission and flexibility of movement, the service life will be greatly reduced, so the installation of rubber expansion joints, pay attention to the axis line and the nut seat moving track parallel, so that the rubber expansion joint support line and the nut line together.

The role of rubber expansion joints

Rubber expansion joint is also simple mixed with dust and foreign matter, so in order to extend the service life, it is necessary to maintain, you can use the rubber expansion joint maintenance set maintenance. Many rubber expansion joints at home and abroad are now equipped with labyrinth seal ring to block dirt from entering the rubber expansion joint. Inside the seamless rubber expansion joint, in high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant pipeline more to prevent the erosion of corrosive media on the inner wall of the rubber joint, to improve the service life.

Connection method of rubber expansion joint

Determine the nominal diameter of the pipe connected to the rubber joint and the connection method: flange, thread, welding, etc. Enhance the ductility of the rubber indoor space, so that the rubber expansion joint withstand force deformation is more very easy to repair. Often we use the domestic standard flange only need to provide the pressure of the pipe can roughly determine the flange connection size, but the rubber expansion joint not only to provide pressure, but also to determine the flange connection size.

Flange size of rubber expansion joint

If the flange used is a ship's standard flange, it is more troublesome because the distance between the ship's standard flange and the distance between the flange we usually use is much smaller, and usually the flange holes are hit on the sealing surface of the sphere, so it is more troublesome. Install the rubber expansion joint on the equipment, pay attention to the rubber expansion joint and the nut can not be separated to avoid the rubber expansion joint out.

Installation do not hit the rubber expansion joint vice, pay special attention to the maintenance of rubber expansion joints, because of its thin wall, collision deformation will make the rubber expansion joint flow is constrained. As the rubber expansion joint plays a primary effect is the clockwise rotation, a flat pipe, move it from top to bottom, the right half of the rubber expansion joint in the left side of the pipe, which is the role of corrosion, and assuming that the left half of the rubber expansion joint in the right side of the pipe, which is the rust removal.

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